Lenny Zuber is an American musician, videographer and sound engineer living in rural southwestern Germany.

He was born 1970 as the youngest of three, in Munich.  His parents are of Ukrainian and Russian origin.

Lenny began with piano lessons in 1977. Starting 1976, he attended the Munich American Elementary and High Schools (DoDDS) from where he graduated in 1988.  Under music instructor George Morrison, he attended Beginners Band, Intermediate Band, Concert Band, and then the school’s renowned Jazz Band.

1984 he joined his brother, Valentin in his first band Zitrus Free as a keyboarder. Zitrus Free played the Munich 80’s music scene for over two years. In 1986, Lenny met his fellow classmate and drummer Mike Seipolt. Together they founded the bands AXIOM, Radio Free Europe, and then lastly opium. They produced, performed, toured the US and Germany and recorded until 2001 with many great musicians.

1989, Lenny enrolled at SAE (School of Audio Engineering), Munich. After that he started his careers as sound and lighting engineer, backline prop manager, gardener, waiter, dj, and SNG operator for a German pubic broadcast radio and TV station.

Between 2001 and 2009 Lenny stepped back musically and wrote and recorded only a few songs. 2009 he started working on a new repertoire. Piano and vocals only. As word of mouth spread, it did not take long and Lenny was performing concerts in southwestern Germany. He quickly build up a fan base that in return generated even more concerts. 2015, he produced his debut solo album “Stupid White Man” with the record label TIMEZONE-records.

Currently, Lenny is working on his new project. A CD will be released late 2017, early 2018.